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Bubba Watson golfed from home plate during his busy night of taking in the sights at Wrigley Field

The Cubs played host to two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson on Tuesday night, and it's safe to say that few people have been able to more successfully run the gamut of baseball activities during a visit to Wrigley Field.
Sure, there were the more traditional parts of celebrity visits, like meeting the players ...

... and throwing the ceremonial first pitch:

But since Watson is a golfer, he added an extra wrinkle to his visit.
Golf courses require careful groundskeeping, so Watson was glad to learn a lesson or two from the Wrigley Field grounds crew. He just had to help out a little bit, too:

Instead of taking batting practice, Watson stuck to what he does best and took his talents to home plate with a golf club.
The crowd got quite the demonstration:

It's not quite Sam Snead clubbing a ball over the scoreboard, but it'll do.
During the game, Watson made a few more stops, including visits with the Cubs' radio booth and the scoreboard operator:

Since Watson was at Wrigley Field, he knew that he had one more essential stop to make. During the seventh-inning stretch, he met Gary the organist and led the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" -- even though he was happy to let the crowd take the lead:

The Cubs fell to the Indians, 10-1, but how could your spirits be dampened too much after a day like that? It's nice to be Bubba Watson.