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Buck Showalter is glad the new-look Yankees won't get extra runs for their home run distance

The talk of baseball this week has been the Yankees, who acquired human home run-machine Giancarlo Stanton and added him to an already-powerful lineup headlined by Aaron Judge and Gary Sánchez (and, now, Jabari Blash). 
This presents a daunting task for pitching staffs around the entire league, but it's even more of a concern for the rest of the AL East. Orioles manager Buck Showalter, whose club will have to deal with that video game-like lineup a whole bunch of times next season, was asked about how his team will approach that stable of dangerous hitters. 
"You make real good pitches to those guys, you'll get 'em out. If you make bad pitches, they'll go a little further than everybody else."
But it was his next quote that found Showalter at his witty best: 
"I'm glad they haven't changed the rule where the further you hit it, you get a run and a half ... could you imagine?" he asked, before comparing the concept to that of the arcade classic, Skee-Ball. 

Watch the clip atop this post to hear Showalter's full sound byte.
Buck's right, of course. Considering how far Stanton hit his 59 homers in 2017 on his own, that would prove to benefit the Yankees in ways we probably can't even imagine.