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The Buffalo Bisons will transform into the 'Buffalo Wings' for series against Rochester Plates

There is another fantastic Minor League promotion happening soon. The Buffalo Bisons will transform into the "Buffalo Wings" for a four-game series against the Rochester Plates (Red Wings) from June 14-17 (Father's Day weekend) and the uniforms they plan on wearing look fantastic enough to eat. 
The Blue Jays' Triple-A affiliate announced the transformation on Thursday and introduced what the team will be sporting -- complete with a chicken wing on BBQ-red-colored jerseys, the numbers written in blue cheese and some celery-green socks:

"We're blessed to have an incredible marketing staff here -- we designed these jerseys in-house," director of marketing and PR Brad Bisbing told "Michele Lang, our graphic designer, designed the logos. The way she made the drum and the blue cheese on the hat to form the 'B' is beautiful."

Buffalo is of course known for its wings, but there was an in-game element that made Bisons games the place to be when they were in town. The annual WCC race consisted of a wing, a tub of blue cheese and a celery stick race around the field. Unfortunately, the celery stick just couldn't win the race after many tries.
"It blew up in popularity and got so big," Bisbing said. "Last year, celery announced its retirement -- and after 449 losses, in front of 17,000 people at the park, it finally won. It was the biggest story in western New York that day."
The Bisons "took a little credit" in the win because it broke the local sports streak.
"Low and behold, the Bills made the playoffs, the Sabres won the draft lottery -- so it all started with the celery winning that race," Bisbing said.
The love for this food product is pure in the area, so you can expect the promotional night to be a big one. There are still details for the series that will be announced in the future, but expect to see many promotional elements to go with the theme. On the 14th, the "Wing King," Drew Cerza, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch "to kick off the buffalo wings weekend." 
Should be an amazing weekend. Don't forget the wet wipes!