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Buster Posey tried to slide headfirst into third base, but the bag won

The Giants and Marlins found themselves caught up in a tense extra-inning affair on Monday night at Marlins Park that the Giants ultimately won, 8-7, thanks to an RBI single from Brandon Crawford (one of his seven hits) in the 14th inning. 
In the top of the 11th, Buster Posey walked and advanced to third on a subsequent single by Brandon Crawford. Posey motored over to third base, but his landing was less-than-comfortable: 

Despite that rough, intimate contact with the third-base bag, Posey stayed in the game and continued catching for San Francisco. Because if there's one thing a four-time All-Star, three-time World Series champion, NL Rookie of the Year Award winner and NL MVP is, it's tough. 
As any baseball game can have multiple instances of emotions on all sides of the spectrum, however, Posey did have a moment in the sun earlier in the game with this inspired throw to second to nab would-be basestealer Dee Gordon (!): 

As for that slide, though ... hold your head up high, Buster, as you're not alone