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'This Season on Baseball' is the 2017 hype video you've been waiting for

With the first games of the 2017 season less than a week away, it is time to get excited. Major League Baseball released a commercial Monday advertising the main storylines of the season, and it's designed to pump you up to maximum levels.
The first takeaway is that everyone is full of hope and joy for the 2017 season. After six weeks in the Arizona and Florida sun, it would be hard not to be overwhelmed by positive emotions. 
The second takeaway is that these players are in the best shape of their lives.
Mike Trout is lifting tractor tires.

Clayton Kershaw is breaking radar guns.

Giancarlo Stanton is allegedly hitting 600-foot home runs.

Preparedness for the regular season doesn't stop at feats of strength. Nutrition is important too. Here, we see four-fifths of the Mets rotation enjoying a fine preseason meal.

While Bryce Harper hops in an ice bath to keep his body fresh for October baseball.

Everyone seems excited for the 2017 season, right, Terry Francona?