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Two Giants fans struggled over a foul ball before reaching a heartwarming resolution

Can you feel it? That's the feeling of baseball. The regular season starts Sunday, and in advance of that, some teams have travelled home from Spring Training for their final exhibition games. Thursday night, the Giants took the field at AT&T Park against the Athletics.
The fans brought the intensity of a regular season game. Or, at least three did on a Stephen Vogt foul ball in the sixth inning.

Those are two adult men arguing over a Spring Training foul ball. Before we get to the conflict and its subsequent resolution, let's take a moment to acknowledge the standers by. Their reactions to the tussle range from the surprised gaze of the boy in the Golden State Warriors shirt to the embarrassed hiding of the woman to the right of the fan in black.
Let's now turn to the struggle itself. To start, neither party fought from a position of strength. Both had to lean over the row of empty seats that served as contested terrain. The lack of proper claim to property of a ball over that territory was our casus belli.
With nearly four full innings of baseball left to play, they recognized that reconciliation was needed. They smiled at each other, high-fived, exchanged a handshake and returned to their regularly scheduled program of enjoying the waning moments of Spring Training baseball.