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Watch Andrelton Simmons make a superhuman behind-the-back tag at third base

Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons has a reputation as possibly the best defensive player at his position in all of baseball. Such a reputation comes with the burden of having to regularly provide tangible proof that reputation is deserved.
Simmons has no problem carrying that burden. In the third inning of Saturday night's game against the Mariners, Simmons found himself at third base on the back end of a 5-3-6 double play.

Jean Segura was originally called safe on the play because, well, if anyone other than Simmons were there, he probably would have been safe. The call was overturned after a replay review.
Simmons not only had the defensive instincts to cover third base after Yunel Escobar had to charge in to field the ground ball, but he had to jump in the air to catch the high throw from first baseman Jefry Marte. Even then, it was pulling him away from Segura and he needed to go with a behind-the-back tag. Somehow, he did all of those things.
The majesty of Simmons' play was not lost on Twitter: