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Giancarlo Stanton hit a mammoth batting-practice dinger and took Eduardo Perez to its landing spot

At this point, it's hardly news to anyone that Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton can hit the ball great distances. He did it in the 2016 Home Run Derby, he did it during mid-summer regular-season games, he even did it in the World Baseball Classic.
Even with all these well-documented feats of Stanton's mammoth power, he somehow retains the ability to surprise us. During a ninth-inning segment during the Mets' 5-2 win over the Marlins on Sunday Night Baseball, Stanton one-upped himself.
He and Eduardo Perez took a journey not quite to the very upper seats of Citi Field, but pretty close to it. When they arrived, Stanton revealed that during a batting practice session in the past, he hit a ball that landed in the very seats he and Perez were occupying.

There doesn't seem to be video evidence confirming this batting-practice dinger, but's Joe Frisaro was in attendance that day and confirms that Stanton did this. Based on what we've come to know about Stanton and his power, are we really that surprised?