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Take in the sights and sounds of a baseball game through the eyes of a dog

Try to remember the first time you went to a baseball game. If you were a kid, it was most likely an overwhelming experience. So many people! So many smells! So many noises!

Now, take all those feelings and amplify them by 10. That might come close to what it's like for a dog to be at a baseball game. Don't believe me? Watch what happened when the Tigers put a camera on a dog's head at their latest Bark in the Park event:

You can practically hear the "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" narrative track in this dog's mind as he traversed Comerica Park. His senses were zooming.

All the good dogs were out for this game, and this pup seemed determined to sniff every single one of them (and their humans as well). He was so excited that his camera even ended up turning upside down.

I don't blame him. He's living the dream. He's allowed to shake things up.

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We have reached the pinnacle of fashion.

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