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Carlos Gonzalez tripped around the bases and it wasn't even the weirdest part of this sequence with the Reds

"It's just one of those days," we tell ourselves when something frustrating, weird, unexpected or just downright awkward happens. But it happens to everybody, no matter our line of work. Baseball players are no exception to this phenomenon, which is also essentially the meaning behind the phrase "Murphy's Law."
Murphy may have actually been at Great American Ball Park for Wednesday night's Rockies-Reds game when, in the top of the eighth, Carlos González lofted a fly ball to right-center and ... this bizarre sequence involving Gonzalez, Billy Hamilton, Scott Schebler and Scooter Gennett transpired:

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That may have been a "routine" fly ball, but this is a reminder that "routine" is a relative term -- and, as Murphy's Law dictates, anything can go wrong at any time, just because.
And in GIF form in case, like us, you have to watch this over and over again:

Gonzalez and the Rockies won the game, 6-3, but this moment lives on.
This earns a massive "welp," since that's basically all you can say after a scene like this. It calls to mind this equally absurd sequence that happened to the Dodgers in 2014:

Stuff happens.