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Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman swapped Joey Votto stories on 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction'

If someone tells you a story where Joey Votto is the main character, you can almost guarantee it'll be a good tale. So what happens when Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman swap a Votto story? Well, it ends up on Netflix of course. 
Both Seinfeld (a Mets fan) and Letterman share a love for baseball. Letterman has gone to Reds games for as long as he can remember, and while the two were sitting on stage, he had to highlight Votto, because what is a Cincinnati story without him? The first story, on Netflix's "My Guest Needs No Introduction," about the Reds first baseman featured Votto talking to Letterman, who was in the stands:

Votto apparently thanked Letterman for coming to the game -- and wouldn't you believe it -- Seinfeld had a similar interaction with Votto himself. 
"Joey Votto turns to me and he goes 'Hey Jerry, how are you doing?'" Seinfeld said. "And I just lept out of my skin -- I was so excited. Joey Votto knows who I am!"
The crowd loved it. 
And in true Votto form, he responded in the best way possible:

What a lucky guy that Seinfeld is -- being able to say Votto knows him. 
Check out the entire hilarious interview in the tweet above.