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Carlos Carrasco took the mic to call Francisco Lindor's at-bat on Friday

After getting a taste of the broadcast bo-- er, dugout the other day when he gave Edwin Encarnacionan introductory squawk, Carlos Carrasco couldn't wait to hop on the mic again. So, during the Indians' 5-0 win over the Orioles on Friday that pushed their winning streak to 16 games, Carrasco decided to intro Lindor's at-bat in the bottom of the first. 
"Hey guys, I told you I was coming back," Carrasco said, before adding, "Now batting, Francisco Lindor. Bottom of the first, no out, one ball, no strikes." After alerting everyone to the weather, and after he was given the all clear by the usual play-by-play guys in the booth, Carrasco couldn't resist the pitcher inside of him as he yelled out "Steeeerike!" after Wade Miley put one over the plate. 
The usual owner of that microphone, Andre Knott, couldn't help but laugh: 

Though Carrasco clearly has the chops and the desire for a career in TV when his playing career is over, his performance on the mound suggests that job is a long way off. Check out his full call in the video at the top of the post.