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Carlos Carrasco made Jose Ramirez a mini-me out of a baseball and some yarn

Jose Ramirez had a pretty good day on Thursday -- Cleveland defeated Los Angeles, 12-5, and he went 3-for-5 with 2 RBIs. To honor him, Carlos Carrasco decided to make a miniature version of Ramirez out of a baseball. Here he is making sure the hair is just right:

See the resemblance?

Of course, mini-Ramirez wouldn't be complete without a uniform:

And sunglasses! 

Fun fact: This isn't even the first time Carrasco has done this. Back in 2015, he made this version of his teammate:

We have a lot of questions, but the most important ones are: Does Carrasco have his own Etsy store, and will he make us a mini-Ben Gamel? We're pretty sure the yarn hair would be incredible.