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Carlos Correa hung out with Lebron James in totally normal photo... except for a mystery foot!

(Clair, Michael)

Being a famous baseball player like Carlos Correa must be pretty cool. Beyond just getting to play baseball every day, you get to go out to nice restaurants and then hang out with other cool, famous people. Like Lebron James, just, you know, the best basketball player on the planet, not-Steph Curry edition. 
See, isn't that nice? Just two new friends, hanging out and taking a pictu--wait a second. 

What... what's that? 

Is there someone hiding behind Correa not wearing shoes? Who is it? Why did they not want to be in the picture? And, most importantly, why aren't they wearing shoes? And if the reason he, or she, is not in the picture because they're not wearing shoes, why didn't James and Correa wait a minute, so that the shoeless party could put their shoes on?
And is that another bare leg on the other side of Correa? Was this the only place a photo could be taken -- with a potentially nude or nearly nude person directly behind frame? 
I tell you, the lives of famous people are fraught with difficulty.