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Carlos Correa nails Michael Kay's home run call, proceeds to hit two home runs

It's one of the immutable laws of baseball dynamics: For every dinger, there is an equal and opposite home run call. Carlos Correa, however, is so good that he decided to flip that on its head.
The YES Network caught up with the Houston shortstop prior to Wednesday's game against the Yankees, and asked him to give his best impression of the home run call of YES broadcaster/hip lingo enthusiast Michael Kay. And, because he is Carlos Correa, 21-year-old demigod, of course he nailed it -- between the cadence, the timing and the "See ya!", it's a very impressive performance. Our panel of experts awards him a 9.7 for memorization and a 6.5 for enthusiasm, but you can click on the video above to judge for yourself.
And then, because he is Carlos Correa, 21-year-old demigod, he did this a few hours later: 

Now we just need him to hit some homers in front of Hawk Harrelson.