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Carlos Gomez needed sunglasses ... so he borrowed some from an A's fan

It was sunny in the first inning of Tuesday's Rays-A's game in Oakland. Carlos Gómez, playing right field for Tampa Bay, didn't have any way of fighting the sun. No eye-black, no Chris Sabo goggle-glasses, no shades. So, he did something that most ballplayers wouldn't ever do, but actually seems pretty practical: He borrowed a fan's sunglasses.
You can see him handing them back to said fan while also gifting him a ball at the end of the first:

Quite the exchange:

The fan, Matt Welch, talked to about the moment:
"He needed glasses for the sun which gets bad here around game time and I offered mine to him," Welch said. "He asked another fan if he could use his, but they were normal sunglasses. Mine are more sporty ... so I asked if he wanted to use them. He made two plays with them and gave them back along with the ball he caught for the last out."
Welch said the Rays outfielder is now "one of" his favorite non-A's players.
Hopefully Gomez came back for some nachos later on.