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Carlos Gomez took out some major frustration on a water cooler and it looked like a sprinkler went off

The concept of discussing something "around the water cooler" at work is ingrained in our consciousness -- and anybody in the Rays' dugout in Wednesday's 3-0 loss to the Marlins would definitely have had something to chat about in the second inning.
On an 0-1 pitch, Carlos Gómez squared up to bunt, jumped out of the way of a José Ureña offering and thought it grazed his hand. He wasn't granted first base on the play, however, and then struck out a few pitches later.
He was frustrated, and acted it out by obliterating a dugout water cooler with his bat:

As you'll see in the full video atop this post, he then gave a Gatorade jug an uppercut for added emphasis.
Gomez told's Bill Chastain after the game that the moment "got the best of" him, adding the following: 
"We are human. We can get mad. It's not we're not professional. It's that moment ... Sometimes you get a moment where you get frustrated."
The mere fact of their existence in the dugout makes random pieces of equipment frequent targets of players' emotions -- as Nolan Arenado acted out in Los Angeles recently after a strikeout of his own: 

Frustration is frustrating, that's for sure.