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Carlos Gomez told his 2007 Mets glove 'it's time to wake up, baby!' for his return to New York

Who says you can't go home?

On Friday, it was reported that the Mets had reached an agreement with free agent outfielder Carlos Gomez on a Minor League deal, marking Gomez's return to New York, where he began his career before being traded to the Twins in 2008 in the Johan Santana deal.

Gomez was visibly excited upon news of his potential return to Queens and putting on a Mets jersey once again. How do we know this? Well, Gomez posted a great video to social media saying as much -- and featuring the very same glove he used back in '07, which he calls "the baby," promising to wake it up for the new season ahead:

To reference organizational wizard Marie Kondo, this glove definitely sparks joy in Gomez's life. Why else would he keep it around for a decade and through stints with five other organizations?

This photo, from a June 2007 game between the Yankees and Mets in which Gomez robbed an extra-base hit from Miguel Cairo, could very well feature this same glove ...

If that's the same glove, then, it's pretty obvious Gomez will be looking forward to making more memories with it in his return engagement with the Mets.