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Carlos Gomez made a great catch, doubled and slid into home headfirst in an adventurous inning

Rangers outfielder Carlos Gómez really only has one effort level on the field: Maximum
He's been known to crash into walls making impressive catches, bat-flip his walks, and sometimes swing so hard he falls down.
Knowing that he's an all-out, all-the-time type player, then, his adventurous first inning in the Rangers' 10-5 win over the A's on Friday night is par for the course. 
First, with Matt Joyce at the plate, Gomez ranged back to the wall in right-center and robbed (at least) an extra-base hit from Joyce ... and made it look easy. Then, in the bottom of the frame, Gomez doubled and wound up scoring -- but only by crashing through the plate with a slick, tag-avoiding headfirst slide: 

After the game, Gomez summed up his adventure around the diamond when speaking with's TR Sullivan:
"In the first inning, when you come in and you save a run right away, that's a run! You lose or win a lot of games on a run. When you save a run like that, it's a good feeling for my pitcher. After that, you pitch for zero, and we come in, I hit a little flare to center, and I see him come a little late, and I saw the infielders turn their back to me, so there's a good chance I can make it, so I'm going, you know? If I'm on second base, there's a good chance I score a run, especially when I have really good hitters behind me. Choo, he knows how to use his bat. So he moved me to third, and you saw what Mazara did, so ... I just tried to do my job. It's not that I'm over excited, it's just the moment is intense. You come from robbing a home run, and then a hard ground ball to first and you score for your team, I mean ... you already produced two runs in less than ten minutes! It gets everybody going. Everyone was jumping around, the bullpen guys, I mean ... it's intense."
A night this eventful warrants relaxing with some ultra-comfortable pajamas at home later on.