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Eduardo Nunez scored from second on an infield hit, is an inspiring embodiment of hustle

One of the things aspiring young ballplayers the world over are taught is something they hear over and over, as loudly and as directly as their coaches can deliver it: Hustle. Always hustle, always run, never let up.
Eduardo Nunez must have taken those lessons to heart, judging by what he did in the second inning of Thursday's Giants-D-backs game at Chase Field. After reaching on a single, Nunez promptly swiped second base:

Then, with two outs and Nunez still on second, Joe Panik cracked a grounder up the middle ... and despite it being corraled by second baseman Brandon Drury, Nunez charged all the way around to the plate to score: 

See, kids? Never stop hustling. It pays off.