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Allow Elvis Andrus to illustrate the definition of hustle while scoring from first on a single

Generally speaking, with a runner on first, there are only so many ways to score on a given play: a dinger, of course, or a ball in the gap, or activating the cheat code known as "being Lorenzo Cain ." Ninety-nine times out of 100, though, a chopper back up the middle isn't going to get the job done. 
We say "99 times out of 100" because we're lucky enough to live in a world in which Elvis Andrus exists -- and after Ian Desmond bounced a single to center during the Rangers-Rays game on Friday, he just kept [extreme Forrest Gump voice] running and running and running and running:

His reward? The heartiest congratulations and most elaborate handshakes in the dugout: 

"I was trying to check out the center fielder to see if [he] relayed the ball to the infield hard or slow," Andrus explained to's TR Sullivan after the game. "As I soon as I saw the slow, I continued to home plate."
The lesson, as always: Never take your eye off Elvis Andrus. Of course, Adrián Beltré could've told you that already.