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David Ortiz wanted Elvis Andrus to know that he's had it up to here with the Rangers' shifts

It hasn't been particularly easy to get David Ortiz out this season. Really, it hasn't been particularly easy to get David Ortiz out at any point in his career, but especially this season: Big Papi is celebrating his retirement tour with a .340/.431/.697 slash line and 18 homers. 
So it's easy to understand why the Rangers would try something, anything to slow Ortiz's roll during their matchup against the Red Sox on Friday -- and, of course, "anything" included "shifting all over the place." After Papi lined out to Elvis Andrus just to the shortstop side of second earlier in the game, Ortiz stepped up in the top of the eighth ... only to line out to Andrus again, this time to the second-base side. As you might imagine, Ortiz had had about enough, and he decided to ask Andrus if he could just pick a side, please.

Alas, Texas' defensive wizardry wouldn't be enough to get a win -- the rest of Boston's bats rallied for four runs with two outs in the ninth, and the Red Sox held on for an 8-7 win.