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Carlos Gomez knows how to entertain with big stumble on foul, bat toss on a flyout

Carlos Gomez knows that baseball, like art, is about elevating the smaller scenes. Sure, we love the explosions in a summer blockbuster, but it's the character moments and small jokes that make those explosions mean something. It's the same for baseball -- sure the 450-foot blasts and 93-mph sliders chill us to the bone, but it's the foul balls and flyouts that make those so special. 
Which is why we're so lucky to have Gomez in our lives. He knows that every second in a baseball game is a moment to entertain, to thrill, to celebrate the glory of sport. In the sixth inning of the Astros' 6-5 loss to the Rangers on Monday, Gomez took a mighty hack and stumbled down the first-base line like he was Chevy Chase in a Vacation movie. 

One pitch later and Gomez again took a big swing, this time lofting it deep to center field. Would it reach the fence or drop in for a hit? That couldn't have been known at the time, so Gomez threw his bat to the ground with what can only be described as a mighty yawp.

Sure, it was an out, but it was endlessly entertaining, wasn't it? What more could you ask for?