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Help us decide the best part of this incredible Carlos Martinez outfit

via Carlos Martinez's Instagram

Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez is more than just an unstoppable tsunami of baseballing talent -- the dude is a swag monster. On the mound, Martinez attacks hitters with an unapologetic ferocity that refuses to yield to conventional notions of pitching, and his fashion choices are no different. 

He's shown off some outstanding patterned formal wear, always has an eye-catching pair of kicks on his feet and will do just about anything with his hair. Martinez's latest example of sartorial audacity comes by way of a selfie he threw up on his Instagram Monday afternoon. Get a load of this outfit.

There's so much going on here, so let's break it down, item-by-item, to determine which truly is the most amazing part of this incredible ensemble.

The Hair


Martinez has dyed his hair red before -- he's also dyed it blue, white and orange at various points in his career -- so this isn't that crazy a departure for him. But you have to wonder if he purposefully went with the red to match the rest of the outfit.

The Sunglasses


Either Martinez hasn't actually purchased these yet, or they're some super fashionable shades supposed to be worn with the security device still attached. Or perhaps that enormous black contraption on his left ear is a retro bluetooth headset.

The Chain


It's tough to tell whether that chain is diamond, gold, or both or whether it's a sphinx, a skull or some sort of demon ghost. No matter what it's made of or what it is, it looks awesome and that's what's important.

The Tracksuit


In modern fashion there are two different types of full-body tracksuits: the ones that you're supposed to work out in and the ones that you're just supposed to wear around town. I don't know a whole lot about modern fashion, but this big red situation probably falls into the "wear-around-town" category.

The Shoes


For whatever godforsaken reason, the Balenciaga sneaker sock things Martinez is wearing have become one of the hottest items in fashion recently. They're basically $600 scuba diving socks. but at least Martinez matches them perfectly with that royal blue undershirt he's got on.

Which aspect of Martinez's getup is your favorite? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think @Cut4 on Twitter.