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Inspired by Marlins Cat, a feline in Yokohama took in a baseball game

Marlins Park was not the only professional ballpark to get a surprise feline visitor this week. Cats apparently love baseball across the Pacific, too.
On Thursday night, the Yokohama BayStars hosted the Hanshin Tigers in a tight NPB contest at Yokohama Stadium in Japan. The teams were deadlocked, 1-1, in the top of the ninth inning with a runner on base and no one out. Suddenly, Yokohama was forced to deal with a different kind of feline than the Hanshin variety.

In some ways, this cat was even bolder than the Marlins Park cat, who crawled up the fence to the home run sculpture. While that one slinked along the walls until his climb, this one ran all the way down the first base line, in front of the BayStars' dugout, and almost within the reach of some fans in right field. With a jump into the camera well, he disappeared.
The photos captured of Yokohoma Cat's meanderings (meownderings?) were even better.

While the Marlins ended up winning their game following their feline fun, this one appeared to be more inspired by the black cat that supposedly cursed the 1969 Cubs by running in front of their dugout. 

After Yokohama Cat vanished, the BayStars promptly allowed three runs in the inning and fell to Hanshin by a score of 4-1. Perhaps that was a byproduct of the Tigers being inspired by their distant cousin.
Regardless, this week has definitely offered plenty of baseball cat hiss-teria.