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The Marlins Rally Cat has found a home

On Tuesday night, a cat at Marlins Park entered fans' hearts after its daring run up the outfield fence and onto the home run sculpture in center field. An impromptu poll by the Marlins' Twitter account bestowed the name "Don Cattingly" onto "Rally Cat," but before the end of the night, their new feline friend had vanished.
At first, it seemed like that would be end of the story, but on Thursday night, the Marlins provided a Cattingly update.

According to team president David Samson, the team tracked the cat down again, and a woman stepped forward saying that it was hers. Although it wasn't actually a match, there was a happy ending anyway. "To all members of PETA, it's all going to be okay," Samson said.
Maybe next time Don Cattingly visits, he won't have to marathon up the gate to hang out at the home run sculpture.

Will Don Cattingly ever return to his post as "Rally Cat?" It's unclear, but it's comforting that he was at least able to find a fur-ever home.