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Catch up on the 2017 Red Sox as they head into October

Video: Cespedes Family BBQ

The postseason will once again include the Red Sox, as their blend of flashy outfielders and powerful starting rotation could pose a formidable threat in the American League.

The grind of a 162-game season can take its toll on even the most dedicated viewer, though, so please enjoy a refresher course on the Red Sox and how they got to this point.

The Star

Have you heard of the Golden Globe-nominated romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called "You've Got Mail"?

Well, the Red Sox Got Chris Sale this offseason, and he's been even better. The lanky right-hander was dominant this season, compiling 17 wins, a 2.90 ERA, a league-leading 12.9 K/9 ratio and 308 strikeouts.

He's carried the rotation all year long and will look to continue his Cy Young-caliber pitching come October.

The Unsung Hero

Jackie Bradley Jr. has been an absolute stud on defense this season. He jumps sideways.


He leaps straight up into the air:

He robs dinger kings like he's taking candy from a baby:

His 1.5 dWAR is in the top 20 in the American League, and he has some of the hardest outfield throws on a nightly basis.

Along with Andrew Benintendi and Mookie Betts, Boston's outfield is the best in baseball.

The Coolest Moment

It was dubbed the "game of the year" all the way back on Aug. 1. The Indians-Red Sox matchup had mind-bogglingly familiar catches, multiple lead changes, wild pitches, extra-inning drama and then this improbable Christian Vazquez walk-off homer to win it:

You can watch all of the highlights here and pray for a Boston-Cleveland series in the ALCS.  

The Weirdest Moment

Baseball can be a bit ritualistic. Players often have plenty of free time to pass during a game. Brock Holt fully embodied this idea with whatever this sunflower seed activity is:


The Longest Dinger

Thanks to the Green Monster, hitters have to really put some oomph in their swing in order to loft homers over that tall wall in left field. "No biggie," Hanley Ramirez probably thought to himself as he swung on a pitch from John Lackey on April 29, sending it 469 feet -- good enough for both Boston's longest homer of 2017 and the longest struck at Fenway since Statcast began tracking in 2015.

But that's just one opinion: For another take on the Red Sox season, check out the Cespedes Family BBQ video at the top of the post. 

Tune in to watch the Red Sox take on the Astros in Game 1 of the ALDS on Thursday at 4 p.m. ET on FS1 or MLB Network.