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The Cavs' championship parade was so wild that even the Indians got caught in traffic

Unless you spent the last few days hiding in a corn field with Patrick Stewart -- and if so, we've got some questions -- you're probably aware that LeBron James and the Cavs won the NBA title with a Game 7 win over the Warriors last Sunday. 
And, given that this was Cleveland's first major professional title in 52 years, whole lot of fans showed up for the championship parade on Wednesday afternoon. Like, a lot:

Pictured: what used to be a highway intersection.

Seriously, the entirety of Northeast Ohio was there:

It was one of the best sports moments in recent memory. There was just one tiny problem, though: That baseball field in the photo above? The one surrounded by thousands of people? That's Progressive Field, where the Indians were supposed to play a game that night. And, as the SportsTime Ohio broadcast team explained in the clip above, that created some slight traffic problems: Despite living just 20 minutes away, catcher Chris Gimenez needed a full two hours (!) to get to work.
Luckily, though, everybody got there on time, and the Tribe kept the city of Cleveland's winning streak going with a 6-1 win over the Rays -- completing the first undefeated home record in a calendar month in team history.