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Despite knowing about infamously rough first pitches, Channing Frye couldn't avoid throwing his own

Before he took the mound at Progressive Field ahead of Sunday's Mariners-Indians game for a ceremonial first pitch, former Cavs star Channing Frye knew what he was getting himself into.

He even ran through some of the most infamous first pitch disasters in a segment with SportsTime Ohio before taking his own shot:

Despite all of this context and knowing full well what he was getting himself into, Frye could not avoid his own moment of ignominy as he stood tall on the mound and ... threw a pitch that sailed just a bit outside the batter's box.

That deserves a second look.

Props to Frye for at least hopping over the third-base foul line, a tried-and-true superstition held by many players for years.

And hey, it takes guts to stand on the mound and try to throw a strike. It's tough. I mean, I haven't ever done it ... so no shame in that pitch, Channing. At least you tried.