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CC Sabathia calmly reached up and barehanded this 97.9-mph comebacker

Baseball players wear gloves for a reason. Baseballs are hard, tightly-wound spheres made up of various materials that fly around the field at varying speeds, and gloves and mitts exist to make the catching process comfortable.
Pitchers wear gloves on one hand, so they can pitch with the other. But as he showed in Wednesday night's Red Sox-Yankees game in the Bronx, CC Sabathia doesn't always need his, apparently. That's how he was able to effortlessly reach up after delivering a pitch in the fifth inning and make a slick barehanded play on a 97.9-mph comebacker -- and keep the runner at third from scoring. 
Sorry, Jackie Bradley Jr., not this time: 

A very impressive example of plays from the Look What I Found! category. And for CC, another strong moment in what was a dominant night in the Yankees' 8-0 win