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Celebrate Darryl Strawberry's birthday by reliving his homer off the roof of Olympic Stadium

Darryl Strawberry hit many, many home runs over the course of his career -- 335, to be precise. Plenty of them were memorable, from his first dinger as a much-hyped rookie to his World Series Game 7 moonshot to the one he almost hit clear out of Camden Yards.
But even for a guy known for his ability to obliterate a baseball, one swing stands apart: April 4, 1988, the Mets in Montreal to face the Expos. So, on Strawberry's 54th birthday, it's only fitting that we take it in one more time. Facing reliever Randy St. Claire, Straw got a 3-1 fastball, and then he did this with it: 

Where did that thing end up, you ask? The ball hit the roof at Olympic Stadium -- some even swear that it was still on the way up -- before coming back down in shallow right field. A physicist later calculated that the dinger would've traveled 525 feet (!) if it hadn't been disturbed, and really, who are we to argue with science. Happy birthday, Darryl.