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Cesar Hernandez laid down a nice bunt ... and ended up circling the bases on a Little League homer

The Phillies took out the D-backs, 5-2, on Tuesday, but the final score belied how much of a pitchers' duel the game was until the later innings. At the start of the eighth, the Phillies were clinging to a slim 1-0 advantage and leadoff man Cesar Hernandez decided that he would try to spark a rally with a drag bunt.

The bad news? No one was on base after the bunt.

The good news? That's because Hernandez somehow circled the bases. Again: On a bunt.

Hernandez's bunt was well-placed, and pitcher Jake Diekman had to make a good throw if he wanted to nab his former teammate at first. That ... did not happen:

Diekman's throw was low and sailed down the right-field line.

Hernandez was off to the races. He rounded second and headed toward third base. Right fielder Steven Souza Jr.'s throw wasn't even close to the mark:

Hernandez was sent home on the second error of the play, and the Phillies suddenly had a 2-0 lead -- thanks to a classic Little League homer. 

The diagram of the defensive miscues was great:

The ball didn't even make it back to the pitcher's mound 60 feet and 6 inches away. Yet Hernandez scored.

Now sit back and watch the play again in one burst.

Hernandez really earned that trot home.