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Cespedes Family BBQ reviewed some of the special postseason food items at Dodger Stadium

The World Series presented by YouTube TV is a time for pomp, circumstance, legendary moments and, apparently, ridiculous food. This week the Dodgers rolled out a series of special, limited-edition food items specifically for the Fall Classic. 
Our friend and colleague Michael Clair sampled some special Dodger Stadium ballpark fare during the NLDS presented by T-Mobile, so we thought we'd do something similar. We spent the first half of Game 1 roaming around the stadium trying out as many of these delicacies as we could handle.
You can check out the video at the top of the post to see us eat our way across Dodger Stadium, but here's a quick review of our three favorite items that we tried. 
Short Rib Waffle Fries

We have been to a lot of baseball stadiums across America. We've eaten almost every single type of ballpark food that you can imagine, from roasted grasshoppers to a sandwich that consisted of just white bread, tomatoes and mayonnaise. You can choose to believe us or not, but we both agreed that the Short Rib Waffle Fries was easily a top-5 ballpark dish we've ever had. 
The fries were well above-average as far as stadium fries go and the short rib was well-seasoned and clearly made with a heaping of love, but the highlight of the dish was easily the cheese curds mixed into the ensemble. Though cheese curds are usually thought of as more of a northern thing, they fit perfectly in this Southern Californian creation.
Blue Heaven Ice Cream Donut Sundae

Considering Game 1 was played in scorching 101-degree heat, this chilled concoction was a wonderful respite from the blazing sun. Despite its blue hue, the ice cream was in fact vanilla-flavored, but you could certainly taste the Dodger blue within.
The best part of this treat was definitely the whipped cream-covered donut plopped on top of the ice cream. It paired wonderfully with the blue vanilla flavor and gave the entire dish a key foundational aspect.
Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Float

This soft-serve cold brew float is such a phenomenal idea, and we're unsure how nobody's thought of this before. It had all the refreshing chill of a root-beer float with the caffeinated punch of a cold brew coffee. Considering the heat and the slight jet-lag we were working through, this magical beverage provided a much needed pick-me-up.
If you find yourself out at Dodger Stadium for any of the remaining World Series games, make sure you try out some of these items and send us your own food review on Twitter @CespedesBBQ. Happy eating!