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Who has the better name: Makesiondon Kelkboom or Sicnarf Loopstok?

Last week, we released our annual list of the best Minor League names in baseball, which featured a new name in the No. 1 spot: Makesiondon Kelkboom. The young Cleveland shortstop supplanted the reigning champ, Sicnarf Loopstok, also of the Indians organization. 
To spread the wonder and magic of Kelkboom, Loopstok and all our favorite Minor League names, we visited MLB Central this week and presented the Top 20 names on our list.

Mark DeRosa seemed particularly enthused with the name Locke St. John, but we found time to sneak in some video of Loopstok crushing some dingers.
Our visit also included a crucial Yoenis Céspedes update, an explainer of what exactly fungo golf is and why Carson Fulmer and James Shields are so good at it and some talk about how Jordan Hicks is throwing 100 mph all the time now.
Check out the video at the top of the page to see who else made the list of the best names in MiLB.