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Chad Pinder smoked a foul ball behind him that left a Petco Park camera shaking

The A's put on a showcase at the plate on Wednesday afternoon against the Padres. Thanks to the strength of back-to-back homers in consecutive innings, they won, 12-4.
Chad Pinder wasn't among the five A's who went deep, but it was still quite a nice game for him, too. He went 2-for-6 with a run scored, and he put enough precision behind one of his swings to hit a camera behind home plate:

Yes, this eighth-inning foul ball off Phil Hughes somehow went directly off a Petco Park camera. Pinder could probably try to do that again 1,000 times and never pull off the trick shot.
Fortunately for the Padres, the camera seemed to remain in one piece. At least Freddie Freeman wasn't batting.