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Joc Pederson caught the first pitch from his brother Champ on his bobblehead night

It's hard to find a pair of brothers closer than Joc and Champ Pederson. The 25-year-old Dodgers outfielder has a huge fan in his older brother, and Champ has been a frequent presence around the team, too, from home run derbies to clinching celebrations.
So before the Dodgers' 2-1 win over the Cardinals on Joc Pederson Bobblehead Night, who would be better to throw the first pitch than Champ? They made it a moment to remember, with Champ throwing a strike in to Joc behind the plate.

That's what brotherly love is all about.
Champ Pederson was born with Down syndrome, and he hasn't let that diminish his spirit. Inspired by Champ, Joc has helped increase donations to Best Buddies International, a nonprofit dedicated to finding and creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.
"You know that he and other people with Down syndrome would do anything to just have a normal day where they could go out there and play," Joc reflected to's Phil Rogers. "You can never take this for granted. He's an everyday reminder of how fortunate I am, how blessed I am to play a game every day."