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Listen to Charles 'Peanut' Tillman pour his heart into 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' at Wrigley

Cornerback Charles Tillman was drafted by the Bears in 2003. He spent 12 years of his 13-year NFL career in Chicago. So, while he may have retired this offseason, he's still a Windy City legend. And,during the Cubs' 8-1 win over the White Sox on Wednesday night, he finally got to cement his legacy the only way that felt right: singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
But the man they call Peanut didn't just sing everyone's favorite seventh-inning anthem -- he delivered a performance for the ages. Highlights include:
- Putting some appropriate emphasis on "buying some PEANUTS and Cracker Jack"
- Letting the crowd take it away at "Cubbies"
- Crushing the final note so thoroughly, he could no longer stand

But Tillman was hardly done. He also took to the Cubs broadcast booth, where he revealed his first-pitch technique -- "I just throw it like a football" -- and gave a shoutout to his vocal inspiration: Michigan J. Frog.