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Charlie Blackmon tried to throw the ball to home plate but sent it straight into the ground instead

Charlie Blackmon is a very, very good baseball player. He made his second All-Star team this year, and entered play on Tuesday slashing a preposterous .328/.379/.602 with 24 homers. But he's not just a loud bat: He's also a solid center fielder, capable of doing stuff like this on a regular basis.
Alas, even the best Major Leaguers slip up sometimes. Exhibit A: With a runner on third and one out against the Mets on Tuesday night, Asdrúbal Cabrera lifted a fly ball to Blackmon in center. He made the catch and quickly wound up to throw home -- until, well, things did not go according to plan.

As he explained to's Thomas Harding after the game, he actually had a good reason for throwing the ball all of two feet: 
"I felt like there should've been a really good chance to make a play at the plate there and couldn't get the ball out of my glove cleanly. At that point, I decided that to make a throw to the plate wouldn't result in an out. It would only result in the batter-runner moving into scoring position. So I tried to abort that throw. I got some really good down angle on that ball."
But don't worry -- Blackmon would redeem himself. With the game tied at 4 in the top of the ninth, Michael Conforto drilled one to deep center, only to be robbed at the wall:

"He put a pretty good swing on that ball, and I took off after it and I knew it was hit really well," he told Harding. "I put my head down for a few steps and tried to make up some ground. But when I got close enough to where I thought I might be able to make a play on it, I went for it."
And then, a half-inning later, he scored the game-winning run:

In the words of the immortal bards Chumbawamba: He got knocked down, but he got up again.