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Ian Desmond bought his teammates Rockies-themed shirts that were once sported by Tupac

This post will take you back in time to the 1990's.
Ian Desmond tweeted out a photo of rap legend Tupac Shakur recently. In the photo, Tupac was sporting a Rockies-themed "Catch the Fever" shirt complete with a white, vintage baseball cap and MLB logo.

On Monday, Desmond tweeted out a selfie of himself sporting said shirt since "Tupac said so." But that's not all he did.

According to's Thomas Harding, Desmond purchased these shirts for the entire team as well. Most of them sported the shirts during stretches prior to the Rockies-Cardinals matchup in St. Louis and each one of them looked sharp doing so.
"I had the idea to have it made. I liked it, so I thought other guys would like it, too. Obviously Twitter liked it and they blew up over it, so I had a bunch made for the guys."
Both Tupac and Desmond knew what was up. 
Unfortunately, Colorado lost their game, 8-2.