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Nolan Arenado hired a DJ to perform a set for the Rockies during BP, because why not

Nolan Arenado loves good music. So much so, according to's Thomas Harding, he hired a DJ to come out and perform a set before the Rockies took on the Pirates Friday night.
"[We] have a little fun with it, it's kind of cool to have a DJ," said Arenado.

Live batting practice was being held around 3 p.m. MT, a few hours before the 6:40 start time, and Arenado said it was "cool to just blast something different and do something different."
The music pumps the players up prior to the game before it's time "to lock in."
"We're just having fun and [Tyler Chatwood] is throwing live BP and it's just something to switch it up and it gets the guys fired up, too," said Arenado.
Batting practice has never been so entertaining.