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Here is a photo of the Montgomery Biscuits' mascot Big Mo with Aaron Carter

Some images just defy explanation. Without being made aware of context, we're sometimes at the whim of the sheer shock value of what our eyes pick up.
With that in mind, here's an image of the Montgomery Biscuits mascot, Big Mo, posing for a photo with Aaron Carter, former teenage pop star and now 29-year-old pop singer: 

As random as the scene above may seem, this isn't the first time in the past week that Big Mo has had a run-in with a notable music figure. To wit, here's Big Mo with none other than hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow:

Wild, isn't it? Big Mo is definitely living his best life right now. We do wonder if Aaron Carter told him the true story of that time he beat Shaq on the court, though. That'd be fun to hear firsthand.