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Undercover rock star Chase d'Arnaud played Bonnaroo on his day off

Remember when you were a small child and your top three career choices were "professional baseball player," "rock star," and "astronaut/wizard"? (OK, "astronaut/wizard" may not have been on everyone's list, I admit that.) Some of us get lucky and get to be one of those things, and some of us are Braves infielder Chase d'Arnaud.
Back on June 9, d'Arnaud had an off day. So he and his band, fittingly called the Chase d'Arnaud Band, played Bonnaroo:

No big deal, it's just the same festival that Pearl Jam headlined.
Listen to him discuss his musical aspirations, including a possible duet with his brother Travis (yes, the Mets catcher) in the video above. Then you'll agree that every time the Braves and Mets play each other, we should be treated to a d'Arnaud brothers violin/viola national anthem.
d'Arnaud has graced the Braves broadcast with his talent before:

He'll even serenade you in the press box:

Looks like it's time for us to jump on the Chase d'Arnaud Band ... wagon. Just like this guy: 

Reporting by David Wright, / Real-Time Correspondent.