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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this insane baseball-golf combo trick shot right now

It's no secret that a lot of professional baseball players also love golf. It's the perfect low-intensity counterbalance to the high-stress atmosphere many of them face on the diamond during the season. Some of them are really, really good.
So it should be no surprise that free-agent infielder Chase d'Arnaud is spending some of his downtime whacking golf balls. What is totally surprising, however, is this absolutely insane, bonkers, bananas, out-of-this-world trick shot he posted to his YouTube page on Tuesday.

Dude! What!
I have no clue where in the world d'Arnaud acquired that baseball-golf hybrid stick/club thing, but I'm so happy he did. Go home and try this a million times and you'll never hit it as sweetly as d'Arnaud did. I'm going to go watch this video like 10,000 more times, and I suggest you do the same.