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Shohei Ohtani wrote out his life goals in high school, and they'll leave you feeling underachieved

By now, you should have heard about Shohei Ohtani--the two-way phenom from Japan. He will wear a Major League uniform in 2018 -- for which team is still to be determined -- but he will surely put on a show no matter where he ends up. But even before that, he's been the main buzz during the offseason.


Ohtani will only be 23 come Opening Day, but back in high school, he set some very impressive and specific goals for himself. A Japanese television show aired photos of those goals, and users on Reddit translated them to English.

The goals ranged from age 18 all the way through 42:

  • -Age 18: Join an MLB team
  • -Age 19: Master English and reach AAA
  • -Age 20: Called up to the Majors, make 1.5 billion JPY (~13 million USD)
  • -Age 21: Starting rotation, 16 wins
  • -Age 22: Win the Cy Young Award
  • -Age 23: Member of Japan WBC team
  • -Age 24: Throw a no-hitter and 25 wins
  • -Age 25: Throw fastest pitch in the world 175 kph (~108 mph)
  • -Age 26: Win the World Series and get married
  • -Age 27: Member of Japan WBC team & MVP
  • -Age 28: 1st son is born
  • -Age 29: Throw 2nd no-hitter
  • -Age 30: Get most wins by a Japanese pitcher (in 1 MLB season?)
  • -Age 31: 1st daughter is born
  • -Age 32: Win 2nd World Series
  • -Age 33: 2nd son is born
  • -Age 34: Win 3rd World Series
  • -Age 35: Member of Japan WBC team
  • -Age 36: Break the strikeout record?
  • -Age 37: 1st son starts baseball
  • -Age 38: Stats drop, start to think about retirement
  • -Age 39: Decide to retire at end of next season
  • -Age 40: Throw no-hitter in my very last game
  • -Age 41: Return to Japan
  • -Age 42: Introduce the American system to Japan?

Everything from joining the bigs, winning a World Series title, starting a family and even when he plans to retire were written down.

Kind of makes you feel like you have a lot you want to accomplish, doesn't it?

h/t Reddit