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Prepare your stomachs: The D-backs have unveiled a 2-lb, 3,500 calorie ice cream

Cramming your face full of the finest treats and meats is a grand baseball tradition. After all, peanuts and Cracker Jack are straight up included in our seventh inning anthem. The D-backs know this and have now cornered the market on sweets. While they already have the Churro Dog, to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, the team unveiled a new summer foodstuff in the form of a two-pound, 3,500 calorie batting helmet ice cream. 

Of course, calling it just an "ice cream" is an insult. This behemoth features three scoops of ice cream, a waffle cone, brownies, sprinkles and more. We can only assume that it comes with Pepto Bismal, too. 

While it's meant to be a group dessert, that sounds more like a challenge than anything else. The internet's own Lana Berry was brave enough to try it during the D-backs' loss to the Dodgers on Friday night, so if you're interested in how it tastes, let her be your guide below: