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A 12-year-old chess champion visited the Orioles and wiped the floor with them

Cahree Myrick is 12 years old, and like many 12-year-olds in Baltimore, he's an Orioles fan. He's also the first national youth chess champion from Baltimore, and it turns out the Orioles are fans of his, too.
Last week, Myrick visited the clubhouse and played a few games of chess with Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop and first-base coach Wayne Kirby. Now, Myrick might be a champion, but the Orioles aren't complete beginners. When they're not playing baseball, you might find them playing chess. Here's what Schoop told's Mandy Bell
"You think what your opponent is trying to do," Schoop said. "It's the same with hitting. You know, you got to think what the pitcher is trying to do with you. ... So I take it to the games too, you know? Thinking with them and what they want to do. What's their game plan, so I change my game plan. And if I have to change it during an at-bat, I do. Same with chess. You got to change the game plan sometimes, too."
But were they a match for Myrick? Well … nope. Myrick won every game he played, and even told manager Buck Showalter that he had better competition in school. He's in seventh grade, by the way.
"Yeah, [I asked for advice], because he's pretty good," Schoop said. "He's five moves ahead of us, you know?" ... 

Although Schoop approached Myrick after their match for individual advice, the National Champion had advice for everyone in the Orioles' clubhouse.

"Practice," Myrick said. "Practice a lot. Know more tactics and know how to think ahead."
Click play at the video at the top of the post to hear who Myrick thinks is the best chess player on the Orioles.