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Harry Caray's grandson, Chip, sang 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame,' and it was fantastic

The name "Harry Caray" is synonymous with baseball and even more so with the historic tune "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." And while Harry can't be there, his grandson, Chip, was at the Braves' 4-0 win over the Cubs on Friday at Wrigley Field, to not only sing the song, but show the process behind it.
Chip, a former Cubs broadcaster who now covers the Braves for FOX Sports South, led the crowd during the seventh-inning stretch in a perfect rendition of the song, complete with Harry's signature black-framed glasses:

Heading into his performance, Caray asked the Cubs' incomparable organist, Gary Pressy, for some advice. Caray also stopped by the broadcast booth to chat with Len Kasper and even spoke to his grandad's statue in hopes of gaining some inspiration.
And after all the advice, he sang it beautifully and the crowd loved it. 
Harry would be proud.