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Ji-Man Choi showed off his dance moves for his teammates at first base after an RBI single

Ji-Man Choi ("Ji") is not a man who is shy about expressing himself on the baseball field. When he's come up just shy of a homer, he's lifted weights in the dugout immediately afterward. So when he does something good, you know he's going to celebrate.
Such an occasion arose on during the Rays' 9-1 win against the Red Sox. With former teammate Nathan Eovaldi on the mound in the bottom of the first inning, Choi opened the scoring by cracking an RBI single up the middle.
At first base, Choi looked toward his teammates in the home dugout and broke into a dance ...

... which Carlos Gómez ("El Final") and friends responded to in kind.
It was wonderful. It was perfect. It was ...

Couldn't have expressed it better ourselves.