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Chris Archer and Orbit had a water balloon fight after a mascot diploma presentation

Earlier this week, the Rays' Chris Archer made his battle against Astros mascot Orbit official with a Declaration of Unfriendliness. The two tradedbarbs before things finally reached a head prior to the Rays-Astros game on Wednesday night.
Everything seemed normal -- almost cordial -- when Archer found Orbit during pregame and gave him an honorary degree signed by the Rays' own mascot, Raymond.

A kind gesture, right? Well, it turned out that the degree's purpose was a little more nefarious:

Before long, Archer and Orbit were engaged in a water balloon battle, with Archer's teammates landing the first blow as Orbit accepted the degree. At least Orbit was prepared, thanks to his water gun and poncho.

Photo via Rebecca George/ Real-Time Correspondent
Orbit only raised the stakes moments later when he embarrassed Archer with a surreptitious sign during "Simon Says."

That didn't stop the Rays' Twitter account from offering a sharp response, though:

The Rays and Astros wind down their 2017 series on Thursday, but it sure seems like Archer and Orbit's War of Unfriendliness shows no signs of slowing down.