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Chris Carter liked this pitch so much, he hit it twice on the same swing

Here's a theory: What if the sport of baseball exists not because of the joy it brings to us (which is certainly great), but because baseballs are actually sentient aliens plotting world domination, and the only thing that can stop them is regularly crushing them out of ballparks and into various bodies of water.

Of course, sometimes the baseballs fight back, like during the Brewers' 10-1 loss to the Giants on Wednesday. In the top of the seventh inning, Chris Carter hit a fastball, and the fastball hit back:


But Carter got the best of the baseball, even after it broke his bat. He hit it for a single, and even though Jonathan Villar struck out after him (ending the inning), he can still count it as a victory. After all, baseballs have not yet taken over the earth.